Ecopence refillable laundry colour
Product comes in 5 or 20 litre refillable jerrycan
Liquid detergent for washing machines suitable for all types of  clothes.
It has a remarkable cleaning power releasing agents on dirt and stains.
It can be used at any temperature.
By purchasing these products you are helping us in reducing a massive amount of plastic waste as all our products come in returnable 5 or 20 litres containers. Save money and help the environment!

Technical details

Appearance: Liquid
Initial boiling point and boiling interval : > 100°C
Scent: Neutral
pH: 9 
Relative density: 1,05g/cm3
Water solubility: 100%

Dosage instructions

Insert the product directly into the washing machine tray.
Recommended dose for 5 kg of dry laundry:
Hard water (> 25 ° F): 100 g
Medium water (15 - 25 ° F): 75 g
Soft water (0 - 15 ° F): 50 g

Precautions & Composition

It is advised not to exceed in dosage for respect of the environment

Do not mix with any other product

Biodegradability: >90%
Composition (648/2004/CE)
Anionic surfactants: higher than 5% but lower than 15%
Soaps and optical brightening agents less than 5%
Other component: preservatives