floor detergent lavander
Product comes in 5 or 20 litre refillable jerrycan
Quick-drying floor detergent. Solvent based and perfumed with strong bacterioastic 
action for a shiny floor.
Suitable for the cleaning of most floor surfaces
By purchasing these products you are helping us in reducing a massive amount of plastic waste as all our products come in returnable 5 or 20 litres containers. Save money and help the environment!

Technical details

Appearance: Liquid
Initial boiling point and boiling interval : > 100°C
Scent: Neutral
pH: 6.0-7.0
Relative density: 1,0-1,1g/cm3
Water solubility: 100%

Dosage instructions

Poor 100g of product for 10 Lt of water
This product can be used by the food chain operators subject to the HACCP system
 (Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points)

Precautions & Composition

It is advised not to exceed in dosage for respect of the environment
Do not mix with any other product
Biodegradability: >90% Composition (648/2004/CE)
 Anionic surfactants: less than 5%. 
Other components: Solvents, Preservatives, Perfume