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We are keen to learn about all stories of how you are helping the environment. Every little helps and whatever you are doing that has nature and the future of our planet in mind is of great interest to us. We are looking for GREEN HEROES to help us share and achieve our mission. During every period we will choose a post and run a feature with the person, group or business in question. We want to set an example and the best way to do this is of course by acting. The more of us take action, the closer we will be coming to creating the awareness needed to fulfill this change and support future generations. Let's all do it for our kids, it's our duty to be the GREEN HEROES of our time to create the awareness required and sustain a healthy future!
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Ecopence Water Filter

This season we will be presenting another Free water filtration system worth €40 to the Green Hero that joins and helps share our concept by signing up, following, commenting, sharing, subscribing to all our social media and obviously posting on our Green Hero page.

We are keen to know all the stories of how you are helping our environment. The more of us join this initiative the more awareness we create in support of a greener future.




We have rub our first event in collaboration with Green Malta on the 25th October 2020. Many of our Green Heroes where present and helped to make this day a very succesful one. This was the first plogging event in Malta and surely not the last. You may view more details about this event and upcoming ones on
We now look forward to our next events on the 8th Nov and on the 29th Nov 2020.
Get involved and help us build this group, it will be fun and rewarding as we will be doing things to help our environment.
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ecopence winners
August 2020 - Green Hero award went to Carmela Azzopardi
Prize - Free Ecopence thermal stainless steel water bottle worth €13

September 2020 - for the 2nd month our Green Hero award went to Carmela Azzopardi
Prize - Ecopence water filtration system worth €40

October till December 2020 -
Prize - Ecopence water filtration system worth €40

Carmela from Malta was the first to buy our merchandise pack and has been a super support all along sharing and helping us spread the news. Here is what she had to say....

Posted on the 4th August 2020

Since I learnt about Ecopence I have become so aware and changed a lot of my habits. At first I was buying my groceries in paper bags or cardboard boxes instead of plastic. I began to choose more items I could buy fresh and by weight. I started to fold my clothes properly directly from the washing line and in this way they do not need ironing. I also have a very ecological habit of recycling everything, even things that have no use to me, nothing goes to waste! I follow Ecopence all the time and know that I will be doing so much more in the near future. I am proud to support this concept and it feels great to be part of this change.

Christine from France has bought 6 merchandise packs to give as gifts to her family and friends. Here is what he had to say....

Posted on the 11th August 2020

4 years ago I decided to buy an electric bike because I was fed up with using my car to go downtown for 30 minutes but I didn't have time to go by bus or on foot.  I bought an electric bicycle and now not only do I use it for going downtown for an appointment but I use it every week and week end for keeping fit because if you don't press on the pedal, you won't cycle even if it is electric. First, you save money because you don't use your car and then you keep fit and of course protect our Earth. It is one of the best purchases I did so far to be earth friendly. Now I discovered Ecopence and look forward to do much more.

Floriane from France was one of the first to join Ecopence a true Green Hero! Here is what he had to say....

Posted on the 19th August 2020

I don't recall when exactly but a while ago I started to get upset seeing people asking for a plastic bag at the cashier when it is so simple to get your own to carry groceries. Since then, I became widely aware of many habits I had which were actually damaging our planet. Being perfect is not easy and sometimes there is no alternative but the few things I am able to do, I do them. I carry my own bags and containers while shopping, I always  have my refilable bottle of water, I use the water of my cooking for the plants, buy second hand clothes, walk or cycle as much as possible, eat less meat, buy refilable soaps and buy local. There is so much more I can do and I am looking forward to see what solutions Ecopence can bring about!

Noemi from Malta is highlighting the fact of how much plastic is used on water distribution on the islands. Here is what he had to say....

Posted on the 25th August 2020

At home, we have a reverse osmosis system installed. Since we have it we have reduced the amount of plastic used in our household by such large degree, while also saving us money that we used to spend on plastic bottled water. One of the best decisions we have made, for our health and the health of our environment! I am so glad to have made such a small change in my life that is helping our planet and reducing unnecessary waste. Through Ecopence we are now learning of an even better system that does not waste water during the filtration, it's simpler to maintain and the filter used is also compostable. So we will be upgrading to this system as it is an even better and cheaper solution than what we have already. 

Sarah from Malta is telling us how she and her family reuse and recycle. Here is what he had to say....

Posted on the 25th August 2020

I'm helping out the environment by making sure I separate the recyclable and non-recyclable waste. My family and I also always use our own bags at the food store and make sure to reuse anything (plastic bags, bottles, etc.) as much as we can. Today we bought the Ecopence Merchandise pack which we will start to use immediately for all kinds of shopping. I am glad to have found Ecopence and I look forward to learn more about this concept and their future campaigns.

Carmela from Malta was awarded our very Green Hero award last month! Here is what she had to say....

Posted on the 14th September 2020

Thank you so much for all the help and awareness that you are offering. Since I have been following your posts I have changed and now treasure the environment as much as I can. With a little effort to change my old habits I have managed to do so much.  By taking my own bags & containers for shopping I am avoiding the use of a lot of plastic bags.  Buying your soap products in refillable containers, apart from the good quality products, I am saving money and avoiding carrying extra weight.  Not to mention the fact that I have much less plastic to throw away. 

Lately I had the opportunity to try your BeeFree meat products and they are so delicious and full of good and essential vitamins, so much so that I decided to add them to my diet on a regular basis.

Last but not least thank you so much for the prompt delivery.

Good luck with all your ventures. Humanity needs Ecopence.

Raquel from Malta has taken advantage of this time to reuse and also invested in a bicycle she is using as transport. Here is what she had to say....

Posted on the 17th September 2020

 I like to reuse a lot of the things that we have at home. Unfortunately, before jumping into this trend, we already had many things at home that were not so eco-friendly. But just getting rid of them and buying new ones, didn't seem eco-friendly either. So I try to reuse everything that we have. I have two small kids and during lockdown, actually a life-saver, I turned water bottles into flowers, coffee pods into ornaments and basically any other item I could find. I obviously use reusable face masks and I bought mesh bags for grocery shopping. But my best decision was to get a bicycle. I was raised in a biker environment, where we used to go to school by bike (rain and snow included) so finally getting one after 8 years in Malta, was a big hallelujah. I added a basket to the front (charity shop find) and some bags to the rear, and now I go literally everywhere with my bike. Best investment ever. I attach some pictures of my flores and my bicycle. Thank you all for the opportunity!
ornaments out of reusables
flowers out of plastic bottles
flowers out of plastic bottles
bicycle for shopping
Christine from France shares her passion with school children. Here is what she had to say....