Your Eco-Friendly Loyalty Program is here!

Shop with confidence, sign up and claim your loyalty coins for shopping with Ecopence while respecting the Environment


We have now launched the first phase of our Eco-Friendly loyalty program giving great incentives to all our member users for supporting the Environment and shopping with all companies that are joining our Green efforts. By purchasing our merchandise items, digital services as well as other products and services provided by Ecopence, you are immediately contributing to reducing a lot of useless waste.

Following your order and payment you will receive your bill. At that stage you will be able to claim the reward coins in return for your purchase at the percentage specified. If you haven't sign up up as yet, sign up for free and proceed with claiming your coins.

Once you sign up you will need to login.  On the top right of the screen you will see a yellow coin showing your coin balance. Click on the coin and select request coins from the drop down. Then type in the merchant name or find the merchant you made your purchase with in the list. Next you will need to enter the order number and the amount you have spent. Once this is done the merchant in question will approve the transfer of loyalty coins to your account.

Build up your coin balance by shopping frequently and keep an eye on all the great offers and innovative products on our Eco-shop. These coins may be exchange for products or services through our website and supporting apps. At the moment we have the following active loyalties:

Ecopence Merchandise - 5% loyalty

Ecopence Refillable Soaps & Detergents - 1% loyalty

BeeFreeMeat - 5% loyalty on all Vegan BeeFreeMeat products

WidowTree - 5% loyalty on all digital business solutions

Sundreams Travel - 5% loyalty on several travel packages and activities

Quicklets - 5% loyalty on rental commissions

Zanzi Homes - 5% loyalty on commission of sale of property

Maduma - 5% loyalty on organic cotton clothing

A&A Real Estate - 5% loyalty on commission of sale or rental of property

Soap Cafe - 5% loyalty on natural soaps and cosmetics for personal care

The Cloth Nappy Company - 5% loyalty on all products

Sleek Nails - 5% loyalty on all services

Two Buoys - 10% loyalty on all menu

More loyalties underway...
Tsunami - loyalty on team sports wear 
Hostel Malti - loyalty on accommodation booking

Marco Polo Hostel - loyalty on accommodation booking
The Maltese Sun - loyalty on accommodation booking

Printcare - loyalty on various printing services

Mirachem - loyalty on imported wines

APG - loyalty on grocery shopping

Goloso - loyalty on grocery shopping

zero waste shopping with ecopence
together shaping the future we want

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Sign Up for free to get access to all the great loyalties whilst shopping on our website, soon to launch apps for Android and iOS as well as directly at all the registered outlets. 
Shop on our site, on the app or directly at the participating outlets and gain the % loyalty featured from each respective merchant.
Login to your account from our website and click on the gold coin on the top right to request the coins from the merchant in question. Make sure that prior to sending your request you effect full payment.
Collect coins and redeem them online on Ecopence or directly at Partner Merchant outlets through the app being launched soon. Happy shopping, be proud of what you are doing and share the good news!
eco-friendly loyalty program