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All the fresh drinking water you need at a fraction of the cost!

Why use the Ecopence Water Filter?

The desalination process used in Malta removes particles and contaminants but leaves it heavy in minerals. Cleanliness and integrity of the pipes is to be questioned as many pipes that deliver the water around Malta are often old and cracked. So even though there is a long methodical process to getting water into your taps, the tap water consumption in Malta remains one of the lowest in quality in Europe.

People tend to go for plastic bottled water, but this is more harmful than the non-filtered tap water. The chemicals found in plastics can cause severe health risks even in small 'doses'. The plastics used in the bottles contain harmful chemicals, such as BPA (bisphenol A - an endocrine disruptor linked to cancer, neurological issues, diabetes, reproductive issues and more). The longer you drink from a disposable bottle the more likely it is to release BPA.

By using our product, you will:

-        Have good and drinkable water flowing at home

-        Save on cost

-        Avoid carrying heavy water packs

-        Reduce your plastic waste drastically

The Benefits

Most of us get all our drinking water in plastic bottles, plastic containers or even through reverse osmosis systems. Besides the plastic waste generated through water being purchased in plastic, many times we also end up drinking water that tastes of plastic as most water is normally exposed to sunlight during it's journey to our table. In the case of reverse osmosis, besides the high maintenance costs, you end up wasting 5 litres of water for every 1 litre consumed.

The Ecopence Water Filter is a great solution which will reduce costs massively for producing all your drinking water needs. You avoid having to carry heavy packs around, lifting heavy containers as well as the related elevated cost. Besides you will be reducing so much plastic waste!

Basic instructions

The filtration system can be mounted easily on most tap water mixers commonly installed in kitchen sinks. The filter has a switch to turn filtration on only when drinking water is needed. There is also a blue LED light which indicates when filter needs changing simply by turning orange. Filters normally last 3-5 months depending on consumption.

By purchasing this product you are helping us in reducing a massive amount of plastic waste. It's super convenient, you save lot's of money and also help the environment!

Technical details

Complete unit size: 112mm wide x 105mm high
Filter side only size: 52mm wide x 105mm high
Replacement filter element life: 3-5 months
Filtration process: ceramic diatom membrane + composite filter material
Input water pressure: 1-5 Bar

Product features

Easy to install on most round water taps up to 25mm in diameter
Needs a minimum of 15mm in height at end of water tap to attach
Easy to clean and maintain
LED light to prompt you when replacement filter needs changing
Output of 1000ltrs to 1400ltrs of water with each filter depending on water quality

Usage instructions

Everyday before use please turn on water purification switch for 3+5 seconds to clean the water purification outlet.
If you have not used the filter for more than a week then turn on and run for 10 seconds before use.
Do not filter hot water over 38°C as otherwise you may damage the filter.
ecopence water filter tech details
Your water solution is here, handy and cost effective
Ecopence water filter
Water Filtration System

Stop wasting money, plastic and energy. Get our new water filtration system which will turn your tap water into pure and great tasting drinking water. Easy to install and fits most kitchen taps. View technical details

Product + filter

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Ecopence water filter year pack
Water Filtration System

Upgrade to our year pack which includes 4 replacement filters. Filters are normally changed every 3-5 months and our product has an LED light which warns you when filter needs changing. View technical details

Product + 4 filters

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family water package
Family Water Gift Package

Give a gift to all your family that will last and change the way you recover drinking water once and for all. Package includes 1 water filter system, 4 replacement filters, 4 s/steel water bottles and 5 reusable wrapping papers.

Family gift pack
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2 Replacement Filter Pack

2 filters
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4 Replacement Filter Pack

 4 filters

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8 Replacement Filter Pack

8 filters
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