The Euro Geyser is a revolutionary solution supplying you with flowing drinking water at a flick of a switch.

The Euro Geyser is really compact and stylish. There is no need to put anything under your counter and no electricity is needed as it works by pressure.

The gadget is installed at the end of your kitchen mixer instead of your current filter tip. Once installed your mixer will have 2 outlets, one for normal water and the other for drinking water. You will be able to switch between the two by simply flicking the black switch.

After 3-4 months you will need to change the filter cartridge and we will show you how to do this, its a very simple procedure. Additional cartridges may be bought from us at €20 for 1, €38 for 2 or €74 for 4.

So overall, after the initial investment the running costs average at around €60 - €74 per year meaning that when you compare to the average spent on mineral water in plastic bottles you could save up to €400 a year by switching to this system.

Euro Geyser Water Filter
Euro Geyser Water Filtration System

The Euro Geyser is an upgraded water filter using an Aragon filtration nanotechnology. Each replacement filter gives you 1000 litres of purified and great tasting drinking water through it's highly pressurised chamber. 

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Aragon Euro Geyser Replacement Filter

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All the fresh water you need


Geyser Euro filter is designed for advanced urban cold water treatment. This filter is permanently attached to a faucet’s spout. To switch between filter positions you need only to turn a handle.

The Benefits

Most of us get all our drinking water in plastic bottles, plastic containers or even through reverse osmosis systems. Besides the plastic waste generated through water being purchased in plastic, many times we also end up drinking water that tastes of plastic as most water is normally exposed to sunlight during it's journey to our table. In the case of reverse osmosis, besides the high maintenance costs, you end up wasting 5 litres of water for every 1 litre consumed.

The New Euro Geyser Water Filtration System is a great solution which will reduce costs massively for producing all your drinking water needs. You avoid having to carry heavy packs around, lifting heavy containers as well as the related elevated cost. Besides you will be reducing so much plastic waste!

Basic instructions

The filtration system can be easily mounted on most tap water mixers commonly installed in kitchen sinks. The filter has a switch to turn filtration on only when drinking water is needed. Filters normally last 6 months depending on water quality and consumption.

Purification Efficiency

Suspended solids > 5 μm - 100%

Turbidity - 100%

Colour - 90%

Chlorine - 95%

Lead, Cadmium, Caesium - 137 - 95%

Iron - 90%

Organic Compounds - 95%

Technical details

Complete unit size: 80mm wide x 130mm high
Replacement filter element life: 3 -4 months
Filtration process: Aragon
Input water pressure: 1-5 Bar

Product features

Easy to install on most round water taps ending with 22 or 24mm diameter

Easy to clean and maintain
Very elegant and good looking

Output of 1000ltrs of water with each filter

Filtration with Aragon

The geyser euro is small in size but with great potential and comes from the new generation of Aragon's nanotechnology filters , which is a Russian technology and international patent of Geyser.

Aragon removes from water available chlorine, organic and chlorinated organic compounds, petroleum products, iron, hardness, salts, heavy metals, and even viruses including hepatitis A virus, and also other harmful substances.

You can regenerate Aragon.

This cartridge (Patent No. 2287356 dd. 30.06.2015) combines several water treatment methods: mechanical; ion exchange, adsorption; electric adsorption.

Polymers with a space globular structure (SGS-polymers) were first synthesized in the USSR as the type of ion-exchange resins in the middle of 20th century.

Today only Geyser has a serial production technology of this material. SGS-polymers are radically new material combining three types of filtration: mechanical, sorption, and ion-change filtration. None of known sorption materials can remove such a wide range of chemical compounds as SGS-polymers do.

SGS-polymers are macromolecular compounds which can be prepared from various monomers, e.g. resorcin, pyrocatechol, hydroquinone, melamine, carbamide, etc.

Microglobules, i.e. long polymer chains convoluted in coil, are formed in the process of synthesis of the SGS-polymers. Being aggregated these microglobules provide porous and still mechanically strong structure.

Microglobules have large inner surface (up to 500 m²/g). The surface itself is coated with active groups on which the ion-exchange processes are performed. The removable ions directly interact with a chemically-active polymer surface missing typical for ion-exchange resins stage of granule inward diffusion.

As a result the rate of the volumetric filtration of the SGS-polymers is 10-20 times higher compared to common granulated ion-exchange resins. This is a decisive advantage of the SGS-polymers.

The removal of mechanical impurities is mainly performed in surface layers of polymer. The pore size can vary in any range from 0.01 to 3.5 mkm. The required porosity of the material can be obtained by changing the synthesis conditions with an accuracy of no more than 10%.

Currently nearly 30 modifi-cations of the SGS-polymers have been studied and the operation procedures for their production were developed. The materials with both cation– and anion– exchange properties were also synthesized.

By purchasing this product you are helping us in reducing a massive amount of plastic waste. It's super convenient, you save lot's of money and also help the environment!
Euro Geyser Water Filter Process

Aragon Technology

taps that fit

Fits all 22 & 24mm round faucets