All the fresh drinking water you need at a fraction of the cost and with NO PLASTIC!

Pure drinking water at just 10c per 750ml

Water is a constant necessity for a healthy lifestyle. Often you find yourself out and about in need of hydration and our current immediate solution is a 500ml bottle of water in plastic! This often comes at a hefty charge and we are also creating so much plastic waste in the process. A new solution has hit our shores, you are now able to carry your own water bottle and refill it at many outlets around the islands offering pure drinking water at a fraction of the price through an increasing number of Ecopence Water Stations. To get this opportunity simply sign up to Ecopence and we will share our water station map with you. Additionally you may get one of our trendy 750ml stainless steel water bottles which gives you a further guarantee that your refills will only cost you 10c or 1 Ecopence Loyalty Coin.

Water Station Sign Up Includes: 

 - map link to an increasing number of Ecopence Water Stations around the islands

 - a choice of 1 x 750ml thermal stainless steel water bottle

 - 13 FREE refills from all outlets upon claiming your 10% Loyalty coins (FREE refills will be able to be redeemed from 1st Dec 20 onwards when we launch our apps) 

 - further refills at 10c or for 1 loyalty coin per 750ml from all water stations

All this for just €13 (the cost of 13 plastic water bottles!)


Interested to register and become one of our official water stations?

Get on our map today! The process is simple and you may immediately become part of our distributing stations in no time! Get trendy, save plastic, increase traffic to your outlet while helping people to stay healthy and hydrated. Simply register your business and we will get back in touch with you with full details.
Get your outlet featured as a water station!
Water Filtration System

Stop wasting money, plastic and energy. Get our new water filtration system which will turn your tap water into pure and great tasting drinking water. Easy to install and fits most kitchen taps. View technical details

Product + filter

10% loyalty coins


Water Filtration System

Upgrade to our year pack which includes 4 replacement filters. Filters are normally changed every 3-5 months and our product has an LED light which warns you when filter needs changing. View technical details

Product + 4 filters

10% loyalty coins



Family Water Gift Package

Give a gift to all your family that will last and change the way you recover drinking water once and for all. Package includes 1 water filter system, 4 replacement filters, 4 s/steel water bottles and 5 reusable wrapping papers.

Family gift pack
10% loyalty coins



2 Replacement Filter Pack

2 filters
10% loyalty coins


4 Replacement Filter Pack

 4 filters

10% loyalty coins



8 Replacement Filter Pack

8 filters
10% loyalty coins